Finding a Job Online

Searching for a job online has become the method of choice for many job seekers. But with so many ways of finding a job online, which ones work the best? Some of the best techniques are not very obvious. Below are some of the more creative ways of finding a job online.

1. You can find just about anything on Google, including a job. To start your job search on Google, you should first type the field you are interested in (such as marketing or engineering) followed by the city and the word "conference" and/or "directory". If you are lucky, you will find an upcoming conference with all the major players in your field present. You can then do some research on these individuals and prepare a resume and cover letter for each one of them. If there are no upcoming conferences, you can at least get some directories containing key employers in your field. The search results will often include contact information, which is invaluable for determining where to send your resume.

2. LinkedIn is one of the best places on the internet to network. You should join this site and make contacts with people in your field. Make sure to update your profile with your latest information. You can get many job leads through LinkedIn as well as meet people who are looking to hire new employees. The contacts you make here are also a good resource for those times when you can't find who to send your resume to. You can often make contacts at that company who will be willing to help you.

3. If you are in a very specialized field, you should find the places on the internet where the people in your field hang out. Go to these blogs or forums and share your expertise on these sites. People will begin to recognize you as an expert in the field. When they find out that you are available, the job offers should start coming in. One unlikely place you can use this technique is Find a product or book for sale on Amazon that relates to your field. Then go to the product review section to write some really insightful comments about the product that clearly demonstrate your expertise. There is at least one recruiter that I have heard say that he reads the reviews in Amazon to recruit people for jobs.

There are many more creative ways for finding a job online. The above are just a few examples to help you get started. I'm sure you can come up with a few more ideas to add to your list.

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