Tips for Improving Your Chances of Landing One

Are you looking for a part-time job? With the poor working market, even part-time jobs are harder to come across and land than they were five years ago. Here are some helpful tips on how you can improve your chances of getting a job with reduced hours.

Apply for Many Jobs

The more jobs you apply for, the better chance you stand of landing an interview. In fact, you will likely land multiple job interviews. This may lead to you having a choice between one part-time job or another.

There are numerous methods of applying for part-time jobs and all of these avenues should be explored. Start by performing a search on a job search site. Many websites have filters that enable you to see part-time positions only. Then, examine your newspaper's employment section. Also, examine the only website of local companies and look for a job, careers, or employment section to examine current job openings. Finally, know that many part-time jobs are only advertised in-house, meaning their might be a sign posted.

Have Good Hours of Availability

If you are interested in obtaining a part-time job to supplement your current income, you are going to have reduced hours of availability. For example, you can only work after your full-time job. This does impact your ability to land some part-time jobs.

When possible, make your hours of availability as flexible as possible. For example, lets say that you are a college student that prefers to leave your Friday nights open and your Saturdays open for recovery from the partying last night. When applying for jobs in retail or food, these are common work hours and shifts. It is time to decide now whether you'd like to have free time or a job.

Properly Fill Out the Job Application.

More often than not, part-time job applications are improperly handled. Many job seekers tend to feel that part-time jobs are not as important as full-time jobs; therefore, they do not need as much attention. This is not true. Due to the economy even experienced adults are accepting low-paying jobs with fewer hours to make ends meet. This increase in competition means you need to make a good impression. Spending time on your application and fully listing all training, job experience, and education that can benefit you is recommended.

Attach a Resume to Your Job Application

As previously stated, you want to set yourself apart from the competition when submitting a job application. What better way to do this than to submit a resume along with your application? A printed resume can be stapled to the back of a printed job application. Many companies now enable job seekers to optional upload a resume to attach to their online job application. Do this!

Most job seekers do not submit resumes for part-time positions. Do so and your extra effort will be noticed. It is important to note however that you should not just write "see attached resume" on all job application fields, as this is viewed as lazy. Fill out the resume as requested and then attach your resume.

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